Did you know?

Paxton is known for its downtown Christmas tree.

Every year a Christmas tree is donated by a local family, and with the help of city and local utility workers, the 40 to 60-foot (18 m) evergreen (with a manhole serving as a giant tree stand) becomes a beacon of light in the downtown.

Source: Wikipedia

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Board of Directors

Candi Riecks
Board Member Since 2001

Candi has owned the Paxton IGA along with her husband since 2007. She serves as the Customer Service Program Trainer. Candi grew up in Paxton and now lives at Lake Iroquois with her family.
Andy Hudson
Current President and Board Member Since 2008

Andy is the pharmacist and owner of Hudson’s Drug & Hallmark Shop where he has worked for the past 17 years. Andy is a lifelong resident of Paxton and lives in town with his family.
Cody Kietman
Current Vice President and Board Member Since 2013

Cody is the Assistant Vice President of First National Bank in Paxton. He has been at First National for past two years. Cody lives in Paxton with his family.
Craig Kief
Board Member Since 2013

Craig has been the Real Estate Managing Broker for Kief Realty for the past 9 years and has also been the Account Manager for Hicks Gas for the past 5 years. He was born and raised in Roberts and lives in Paxton with his family.
Karen Abbe
Board Member Since 2004, President 2011-2013

Karen has worked as the Accounting Clerk at Shield’s Auto for the past 22 years. She is a lifelong resident of Paxton and in the country near Paxton.
Lori Epps
Board Member Since 2011

Lori is a Compounding Educator, CPhT at Doug’s Compounding Pharmacy. She’s been with the pharmacy staff since 2011. Lori grew up outside of Buckley and lived in Gibson City for 23 years before moving to Bayles Lake in Loda.
Ross Sorensen
Board Member Since 2013

Ross has been an attorney at Martensen & Niemann for the past 3 years. He grew up in Crescent City and currently lives near Roberts with his family.
Josh Didier
Board Member Since 2014

Josh is the current principal of the PBL Junior High School. He has worked in the PBL school district for the last 5 years. Josh lives in Paxton with his family.
Neil McKenry
Board Member Since 2014

Neal has been the Director of the Paxton Parks District since 2011. He currently lives in Paxton with his family.
Ashlee Bertan
Board Member Since 2014

Ashlee is the Paxton branch manager and the Gibson City branch manager for Busey Bank. She has worked for Busey since 2011 and currently lives outside of Paxton with her family.
Donna Lettsome
Executive Director Since 2015

Donna works at the Chamber office on Tuesday and Thursday, 8am-1pm. She is the direct contact for the chamber and can be reached at 379-4655. Donna has lived in Paxton for over 25 years.

All board members have an equal vote and meet monthly to discuss chamber activities and issues.

The Executive Director is the only staff member of the chamber and does not receive a vote.